That Dress

so today i was looking for a dress that “so me” from, and here it is..


White Dress

White Dress

     This is the dress that i would like to wear for night dating or meeting my friends on a rainy day.. hahaha

and i could wear it for my office attire too! just add stocking to make it looks more polite 😉


Black Dress with transparent sleeve!

yes yes im gonna wear it on friday nite where i could chill with my friends, hanging out in the lounge, drink cocktails, and end up hitting the dance floor LOL

This my option for formal dress.. still black! bcs black is never wrong rite?

im gonna wear it for special occasion like wedding party or formal invitation

And this is my kind of dress for hmm special occasions like birthday party, or maybe just for some semi-formal invitation

pastel pink dress

finally! PINK! I reaalllyyy love this dress! cute and sexy!

the flower and soft pink colors make it looks more sweet and feminine! soo me!

pop dress

Back to black again.. but this time, it more POP!

i really like cute stuff and this dress is simple yet cute! love it