REVIEW : Face Moisturizer HUNTs – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Okay I’m back and stilll searching for the best face moisturizer for my skin!

Main Problems :

  • combination skins ( dry to normal but having big pores and can’t use oily products)
  • T zone was fine, not too oily
  • no acne problems, but need to shrink pores and get smoother skins (especially cheek and near nose area)


okay here it is… “dramatically different moist lotion+”

as you could read “dramatically different” yea right, I need an instant and dramatically change to get rid all of my skin problems haha

and this is what I get :

I think this moist do nothing to my face.

it’s like I only put lotion on my face, and then nothing.

I also felt sticky and need to put loose powder immediately and want to wash my face after 2 – 3 hours. haha

I think this product will suits to a very very dry skin.

My Rate2-star

Sorry clinique ūüė¶


REVIEW : FACE moisturizer HuntS – Shiseido Urban Environment

So, I am the kind of girl – woman (yea always forgot my age, LOL) who always loves something simple especially for skincare products. I don’t like to use many products, and it really hard for me to find a perfect match moisturizer for my face. SO, I keep looking and looking, and I think it’s time for me to give a review about that. I Hope it will help you too, for those who still find her face’s moist match ūüėÄ

Ow yea, My facial skin type is very unique, actually is very dry, but I have large pore problems, and when I use wrong products, it can be very oily. ¬†yea, maybe it’s a combination type. But I think my Tzone is just normal. and now¬†I’m a bit confuse about it (That’s why it’s so hard for me to get a right product!) ha!

The Adventure is begin.. ¬†I’m going to a bit random with the product, but I still remember all the products that I had used, so I hope the review will help ūüėÄ


Shiseido Urban Environment

2017-05-30 12.59.16

as we can see from the packaging :


Shiseido Urban Environment (hmm I guess this is for City Woman with the Urban pollution issues? :D)
Uv protection cream plus (there you go, The Plus might mean all in!)
SPF 50 (whaatt.. is it sunblock as well??, hmm nice)
for face/body (well, ok 2 in 1 product)

My Review :

when I apply it on my skins, it felt… normal. yea so normal

the scent is boring.. I mean.. just like a normal moisturizer, and maybe more like sunblock.  And I feel nothing. Nothing refresh thing feel in my skins.

The Pros:

This product is lightweight and can use for makeup base, and to protect your skins (with SPF 50, c’mon)

The Cons :

Too greasy and oily for me, I actually didn’t¬†really like the fragrant, but it’s still ok

Will I buy it again? :

yes –> when I go to the beach, I think it will be perfect for face’s sunblock.

But for now,

No, this is not the one that I am looking for.

My Rating :


*** –> 3 stars!


















Glowing Skin MAKEUP tutorial

Preparations :

  2. TINTED Moisturizer
  3. Bronzer for makeup base (creamy bronzer)
  4. Liquid concealer
  5. Finishing Powder
  6. Blush
  7. Liquid Highlighter
  8. Mascara


  1. Put on your primer as a highlighter on your cheek bones, above your eyebrow arch, your temple,nose bones, and chin just using your fingers for this.
  2. next, apply the tinted moisturizer all over your face using beauty blender,¬†don’t drag it! tap it, and¬†make sure to use the beauty blender wet (wet it completely, then¬†squeeze out excess water into a towel before using.)
  3. contouring on cheeks and around face with creamy bronzer using flat topped brush, blend it.
  4. tap three small dots underneath your eyes with creamy/ liquid concealer, and tap it using your fingers
  5. add the liquid concealer more underneath your eyes (again), in the middle of your forehead, and chin blend and tap it using beauty blender, also blend on your eyelids
  6. apply the finishing powder under your eyes, and on your eyelids using setting brush
  7. apply a light eyeshadow palette on your lids and around corner of your eyes and and then apply the mascara.
  8. brush your brow and fill in naturally
  9. apply brush using your fingers and make an apple cheeks to show off your cheekbones
  10. tap the liquid highlighter on you cheekbones and blend it with your fingers also tap it it on your temple
  11. at last, don’t forget to wear a fresh color lip tint


Must have makeup items list!

Must Have :

1. Foundation

2. Concealer

3. Blush

4. Mascara

5. eye-liner

6. highlighter

7. lipstick

8. eyeshadow

9. brow pencils

10. powder

additional :

1. tinted moisturizer

2. bronzer

3. lipgloss

4. contour

5. primer

6. mineral powder

Additional Stuff:

1. brush

2. eyelash curler

3. false lashes

4. beauty blender

Skin care :

1. cleanser

2. exfoliator

3. serum

4. moisturizer

5. eye cream

6. toner

7. lip balm

My Mix & FAVE

1. primer

– benefit pore-fessional primer


–¬†laura mercier radiance primer


2. foundation

bobbi brown long wear even finish foundation


– dot it all over face and blend it with beauty blender (quo) or sponge

3. tinted eye brightener

bobbi brown tinted eye brightener


–> under eye coverage, blend with sponge (beauty blender)

4. concealer

 YSL touche eclat radiant (under eye)


5. matte powder

rimmel stay matte powder


–> blend it with brush

6. mineral powder in dark color or bronzer


–> with brush all over face

7. blush (or) and highlight


–> use brush in cheek bones

8. eyesbrow


9. eyeshadow base


10. eyeshadow


11. eye pencil

urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in pervesion


12. mascara

Tom Ford ultra length mascara


13. eye pencils

– essence long lasting eye pencils in coolest chick


make up forever kohl pencil in white


14. lipstick

Laura Mercier Creme lip Colour (in girly – petal pink)


15. makeup setting spray

urban decay all nighter