Review : FACE moisturizer hunts – SK-II Skin Refining Treatment

Hollaa.. I’m back with the face moisturizer hunts part 2 ! still confuse, still haven’t found my face moist match, still hunting and try try try again haha

Now it’s time to try the famous brand for skincare..

yep it’s SK-II !!

To be frank, I always thought that SK-II brand is too overrated and pricey. Some of their products actually really good (but still pricey), but some of that was just the same (with the other brand with totally different price).

How about This SK-II Skin Refining Treatment ??

2017-05-31 09.36.07

First Impression :

The texture is very light, not creamy, the fragrance was good, it did slightly smothen my skins but not as I thought it will be (remember the price is high, rite). My expectation was so high for this product. and I hope it could solve my large pores and dry skins problems.

but the truth is, nothing happened 😦

I also didnt like the after effect, after applying this cream, I feel a bit oily.

I read the reviews, some of them said use it only on your large pores as your night cream ( I usually apply it as a day cream). I’ve tried it, and.. yea.. slightly smooth, but back again, my expectation was high.

Would I recommend it to others?

Pros :

I think if you really wanna try SK-II products, and money it’s not a problem, and also don’t have any serious issues with your face, it will suits you. This Product was OK but I’m not too impressed regarding the price 😀

Cons :

If you have few (or many) issues with your face, such as large pores, dry/oily skins, acnes, etc etc, I didn’t recommend this. especially when you expect so much with this product.


My Rating :


*** 3 Stars!


2 thoughts on “Review : FACE moisturizer hunts – SK-II Skin Refining Treatment

  1. rainywonderlandblog says:

    Have you tried their RNA cream? It is really good !! I’ve done a review on my blog incase you want to read up about it before investing! Thank you for the post and I hope you’ve found a great moisturiser!


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