REVIEW : FACE moisturizer HuntS – Shiseido Urban Environment

So, I am the kind of girl – woman (yea always forgot my age, LOL) who always loves something simple especially for skincare products. I don’t like to use many products, and it really hard for me to find a perfect match moisturizer for my face. SO, I keep looking and looking, and I think it’s time for me to give a review about that. I Hope it will help you too, for those who still find her face’s moist match 😀

Ow yea, My facial skin type is very unique, actually is very dry, but I have large pore problems, and when I use wrong products, it can be very oily.  yea, maybe it’s a combination type. But I think my Tzone is just normal. and now I’m a bit confuse about it (That’s why it’s so hard for me to get a right product!) ha!

The Adventure is begin..  I’m going to a bit random with the product, but I still remember all the products that I had used, so I hope the review will help 😀


Shiseido Urban Environment

2017-05-30 12.59.16

as we can see from the packaging :


Shiseido Urban Environment (hmm I guess this is for City Woman with the Urban pollution issues? :D)
Uv protection cream plus (there you go, The Plus might mean all in!)
SPF 50 (whaatt.. is it sunblock as well??, hmm nice)
for face/body (well, ok 2 in 1 product)

My Review :

when I apply it on my skins, it felt… normal. yea so normal

the scent is boring.. I mean.. just like a normal moisturizer, and maybe more like sunblock.  And I feel nothing. Nothing refresh thing feel in my skins.

The Pros:

This product is lightweight and can use for makeup base, and to protect your skins (with SPF 50, c’mon)

The Cons :

Too greasy and oily for me, I actually didn’t really like the fragrant, but it’s still ok

Will I buy it again? :

yes –> when I go to the beach, I think it will be perfect for face’s sunblock.

But for now,

No, this is not the one that I am looking for.

My Rating :


*** –> 3 stars!



















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