Glowing Skin MAKEUP tutorial

Preparations :

  2. TINTED Moisturizer
  3. Bronzer for makeup base (creamy bronzer)
  4. Liquid concealer
  5. Finishing Powder
  6. Blush
  7. Liquid Highlighter
  8. Mascara


  1. Put on your primer as a highlighter on your cheek bones, above your eyebrow arch, your temple,nose bones, and chin just using your fingers for this.
  2. next, apply the tinted moisturizer all over your face using beauty blender, don’t drag it! tap it, and make sure to use the beauty blender wet (wet it completely, then squeeze out excess water into a towel before using.)
  3. contouring on cheeks and around face with creamy bronzer using flat topped brush, blend it.
  4. tap three small dots underneath your eyes with creamy/ liquid concealer, and tap it using your fingers
  5. add the liquid concealer more underneath your eyes (again), in the middle of your forehead, and chin blend and tap it using beauty blender, also blend on your eyelids
  6. apply the finishing powder under your eyes, and on your eyelids using setting brush
  7. apply a light eyeshadow palette on your lids and around corner of your eyes and and then apply the mascara.
  8. brush your brow and fill in naturally
  9. apply brush using your fingers and make an apple cheeks to show off your cheekbones
  10. tap the liquid highlighter on you cheekbones and blend it with your fingers also tap it it on your temple
  11. at last, don’t forget to wear a fresh color lip tint



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