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Must have makeup items list!

Must Have :

1. Foundation

2. Concealer

3. Blush

4. Mascara

5. eye-liner

6. highlighter

7. lipstick

8. eyeshadow

9. brow pencils

10. powder

additional :

1. tinted moisturizer

2. bronzer

3. lipgloss

4. contour

5. primer

6. mineral powder

Additional Stuff:

1. brush

2. eyelash curler

3. false lashes

4. beauty blender

Skin care :

1. cleanser

2. exfoliator

3. serum

4. moisturizer

5. eye cream

6. toner

7. lip balm

My Mix & FAVE

1. primer

– benefit pore-fessional primer


– laura mercier radiance primer


2. foundation

bobbi brown long wear even finish foundation


– dot it all over face and blend it with beauty blender (quo) or sponge

3. tinted eye brightener

bobbi brown tinted eye brightener


–> under eye coverage, blend with sponge (beauty blender)

4. concealer

 YSL touche eclat radiant (under eye)


5. matte powder

rimmel stay matte powder


–> blend it with brush

6. mineral powder in dark color or bronzer


–> with brush all over face

7. blush (or) and highlight


–> use brush in cheek bones

8. eyesbrow


9. eyeshadow base


10. eyeshadow


11. eye pencil

urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in pervesion


12. mascara

Tom Ford ultra length mascara


13. eye pencils

– essence long lasting eye pencils in coolest chick


make up forever kohl pencil in white


14. lipstick

Laura Mercier Creme lip Colour (in girly – petal pink)


15. makeup setting spray

urban decay all nighter


Addicted to infused water

Actually I’m the kind of girl that don’t really like fruits and veggie. maybe i like it, but sometimes it’s just too lazy for me to eat that. And the taste is so boring..

and i really thank God that i kinda like this infused water thingy, since i love to drink a lot, (and drink juice was boring too)

so here’s the infused water recipe for us!

1, Grape and Orange


and you could also add green grapes and strawberries!


Layer the oranges slices and grapes into the bottle’s infusion chamber, then let the water infuse for 30 minutes to 1 hour room at temperature. You can infuse overnight in the fridge, but be sure to remove the fruit in the morning to achieve the best taste.

2. strawberry, lemon and mint leaves

3. strafruit + strawberry

4. blackberry, lime, orange

5. mango + mint

6. watermelon + mint

7. strawberry, lime, cucumber


grape + lemon + parsley
strawberry + lemon + basil
cucumber + mint
orange + berry
grapefruit + sage
honeydew + basil
blueberry + lavender
apple + cinnamon
watermelon + jalapeño
peach + vanilla bean
raspberry + rose petal
mango + mint
carrot + ginger + lemon + apple
cherry + lime + mint
orange + cinnamon + ginger
pineapple + mint
strawberry + vanilla bean
orange + berry
peach + lavender
pineapple + ginger
blood orange + mint
cucumber + kiwi
strawberry + rosemary
peach + sage
orange + hibiscus + vanilla bean

Slice fruits or vegetables of your choice into bite-sized pieces.

In a 1 liter jar, place sliced fruits at the bottom of the jar. Cover to the rim with ice.
Pour water until full (approximately 1 cup) and seal with a lid. Let sit in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes so flavors can seep into the water.

Keeps in the fridge up to two days, water is most refreshing when cold.